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Laundry Service in Inglewood

Hi-Tech Cleaners is dedicated to helping our customers in Inglewood, Hawthorne and surrounding areas with all their laundry service needs. In addition to providing dry laundry cleaning services, we utilize wet cleaning processes so that you can enjoy fresh, clean laundry for all your apparel. Some of the many garments that may require wet cleaning processes include slacks, pants, sweaters, t-shirts, sweatshirts and dress shirts. Our wet cleaning process includes tagging each item individually before it is sent away to be cleaned off-site.

After the wet cleaning process, all items are professionally pressed to perfection. We utilize effective cleaning products that are safe for our customers and for the environment. You can feel confident that all the garments that pass through our wet laundry service process will meet your high standards for freshness and cleanliness.

Same Day Laundry Service

While some of our customers in Inglewood and Hawthorne drop their laundry off with us for wet cleaning service several days before they need the garments returned, others require faster results. Our same day laundry service is available for wet cleaning as well as dry laundry cleaning needs. All aspects of the cleaning and pressing steps can be completed to your satisfaction in a single day.

Simply drop your items off with our friendly team at one of our convenient locations before 9 a.m. When you return at 5 p.m., the cleaned and pressed garments will be ready for you to pick up. We are ready to answer your questions about the differences between dry and wet cleaning processes and to provide our recommendations about the services that are best for your garments’ needs. Stop by one of our locations today for personal assistance or call us now for immediate service.

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